Jordan Injection Moulding

More than 150 staff members concentrate daily to provide maximum quality for our customers.

The company, established already in 1901, originally manufactured locks and fittings made of metal and plastic.

The trend towards more and more products made of plastic materials induced the company Jordan from 1964 to expand the production of plastic materials.

Following a rising number of orders, the company moved from the original headquarters in Iserlohn to the nearby Menden (Sauerland) in 1984 out of capacity reasons.

A continuous expansion of production followed so that at the moment high quality injection moulding parts in 1Kand 2K plastic material injection moulding are manufactured for our customers in an area of 10.000 square metres.

In the course of these expansions the build-up of our own assembly followed, which now gives us the possibility to offer our customers the assembly of complex groups of components.

In April 2017, the takeover of AuRoPa Industrielackierung GmbH (Ltd) in Lemgo followed, an innovative and performance oriented partner providing qualitatively high standard and individual coatings for industrial small-sized or mass production.

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